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Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies 2013

It is important and necessary to select the best car insurance company because it reliefs mind. Everybody wants to have a security before they get into a car accident or before car is being stolen, You don’t want to find out too late that your car insurance provider isn’t up to par. Below is the list of top ten best auto insurance companies of 2013 . These companies are selected on the basis of afford-ability, value of services and product they offer, customer service and responsiveness. 

#1 Geico

GEICO, are well known for their excellent customer service. They are great while treating people and get personal. Geico is always ready to help their customer 24/7 even on vacations on weekend it has the special agents to help in case of any query or problem. There is also another benefit because one gets discount at other places for being with them. It is a best automobile insurance company for those who don’t have any policy and are planning to have one. It was established in 1936. It is a company which is best for those who have limited budget and are not ready to compromise on level of product and service.

 #2 State Farm

It is the world largest property and casualty insurance firm. Its headquartered is in Bloomington, Illinois. It was founded in 1922 and was owned by its policy holders themselves. Initially, it started working as auto insurance company for farmers, and then expanded in different fields like homeowners and life insurance. They also provide banking and financial services. It has employed 67,000 people along with17, 000 agents working with them. State farm is servicing over 40,000,000 automobiles policies in United States of America and Canada.

#3 Progressive

They are known for their in time service and their responsiveness to solve customer issues and problem. They are always at their customer disposal in order to help them. It provides insurance in, providing personal automobile and property-casualty insurance. It is operating in United States and was founded in 1937. It has it’s headquarter in Mayfield Village, Ohio.  This  company works in three diverse directions like: Personal Lines, Commercial Auto, and Other-indemnity. It is servicing 10 million policies and it was the one who promote their insurance policies through web and phone.


Nationwide consists of a group of large insurance and financial services companies. It is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. It has its regional headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, San Antonio, Texas, Gainesville, Florida, and Virginia. It has also earn its name in providing good customer services and quality rates.

#5 21st Century Insurance
It also has a Great customer service with the low rates as compared to other companies. Moreover, they are the one who provides roadside assistance free of cost. It offers number of types of product and services to their customer like the collision coverage, bodily injury, medical payments coverage, along with rental reimbursement, property damage coverage. It also provides services like labor coverage, coverage for extra medical expenses, and many more.

#6 AAA

American Automobile Association provides you with professional and courteous service any time.  Moreover, they also have good response time and provide their customer with reasonable cash while buying a product from company. These products are very good and one feels comfortable while driving on the road.

It has it’s headquarter in San Antonio, Texas. USAA has the best rates by far when compared to all the insurance companies. It takes best care of their customers and has best customer care service and makes a very stressful situations stress free. They are known for perfect service, excellent customer relations, and more than fair settlements.

#8Mercury Insurance
It is an automobile and property insurance company founded in 1961. It is also an affordable company and has maintains record of dealing there customer in the good  way. It has it’s headquarter in Los Angeles, CA. It has employed 5,100 workers.

#9 Hagerty Insurance

It was established in 1983. It was started as an insurance company for vintage boats and then got seized after some time. It is the only company which offers a customer to get more than one vehicle. They insured different types of automobiles like replica cars, modified car, fire truck, limited production car and other commercial vehicles. When asked by the customers they reported that they are very satisfied with their service. They are always available for their customers at their doorstep when they require.

#10Response Insurance

It was established in 1995. It is the company where anyone can access easily at any time by registering through their website or by meeting a broker. This company also provide discount to those who are good driver with having no bad records on accident. There agents are friendly and are available whole day and night free of cost. This company also has repair centers that are responsible for maintenance of car as long as the customer owns it.

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